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Always connected with your stable
Save time and money
Plan efficiently
Straightforward to work with
Creates focus for your personnel



With EquineM you can easily plan all activities for your horses, short and long-term. You can easily add the activities to horses and employees and set them in the desired order.


You only need an internet connection to log in into EquineM. Therefore you can always, where ever you are in the world, control your stable. This way your stable is always within reach on your computer, tables or smartphone.


Get all weekly activities of your stable in one overview. If you want more detail go to the monthly view of your horse.


EquineM saves your information and files in the cloud. Also a daily backup is made, so that your information will always be safe. Usage of the latest security protocols helps keep your data safe from others.

EQUINEM & EQUIBOARD: Made for each other

EquineM & EquiBoard

EquineM can be used via your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
To make our stable management system complete we have developed the EquiBoard to be used in the stable. The EquiBoard fits perfectly together with our EquineM software. This makes it easy for anybody to understand and use.

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