Automation of planning, alerts and bulk actions

Planning takes a little bit of time, but this pays off in a more efficient execution of all activities. There are often recurring patterns in the planning. Think for example of the farrier, who comes every 5 weeks to shoe a certain horse. Then it makes sense to automate this process. EquineM includes a number of workflows that are common, so that the plan is automatically created. When checking off the farrier, for example, the system checks if a farrier interval is set for the horse. When it is set to 5 weeks for example, the next farrier appointment will automatically be schedules 5 weeks later. Similar workflows exist for insemination (pregnancy check, foal date), in heat (every 3 weeks), vaccination (depending on the vaccination rules set for this horse), deworming and dentis. Soon it will even be possible to create your own workflow!

Automated planning through workflows is one functionality where a digital planning tool can prove its added value. Another one is through alerts. EquineM has a number of default warnings. Some are general, such as that an activity cannot be checked off in the future (or if the activity has not yet started or ended). But some are also specific to the activity type, such as a warning when adding a show if the vaccination or FEI passport expired. In that case the show cannot be entered until the situation is resolved.

Finally, it is sometimes handy to add an activity to a whole group of horses at once, for example with a vaccination. We call this bulk actions and of course we also support this.


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