The image shows how to set up day sessions in EquineM and the daily plan.
The image shows how to set up day sessions in EquineM and the daily plan.

You need a tool that is flexible, because working with horses requires you to be.

Planning with horses means scheduling many different types of activities. Planning the daily exercises, like riding, walker, paddock, field, etc, is an example where it doesn't matter much what time it is done. More important in this case is the order of the activities, for example because some horses need to play in the field before they get ridden. This order of activities per horse of course directly influences the order of the person's daily list, for example in this case the riders list of horses to ride for that day. EquineM is smart enough to make the order work in both cases in a logic way.

It can also be handy to add day sessions, for example morning or afternoon. That way the horses that are ridden in the afternoon can easily be planned for the field in the morning and the other way around, without having to specify a time.

For other actvity types, which are connected to appointments or facilities, like a vet visit, aquatrainer session, or lesson you do want to plan on time. EquineM also enables you to do this and also automatically calculates the correct order when a time (or day session) is added, even if there are are many activities and some with a day session and some with a time set.


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