EquineM takes over PaddockPlanner

With this takeover EquineM creates additional value for our clients, especially for stables that share (part of) their accomodation with other people

PaddockPlanner.com started about two years ago as the idea of a full care client at a farm in the Netherlands. It enables farms to digitalize the planning and reservation of their facilities, whether it is a paddock, (indoor) arena, or jumping course (and many more of course!). Clients of the farm can make a reservation directly from the app. The farm manager can choose how many people can use the facility at the same time, and also create time slots when the facility is closed, for example for private use. Thereby not only more efficient use of the facility is reached, in some cases also safety gains a positive boost by limiting the number of riders at the same time.

EquineM quickly recognized the value of PaddockPlanner.com for several of our existing clients. After initial conversations about a possible integration it became clear that many users of PaddockPlanner are also interested in the offering of EquineM. The conversations thereafter it became clear that a full takeover was a serious option and would create the most value for our customers.

What is next?
The customer base of PaddockPlanner and EquineM are going to be merged. A new PaddockPlanner app is going to be released so existing clients can use their EquineM account to login on the PaddockPlanner app. Because this requires several backend changes, and because we want to make sure the switch is as painless as possible for existing PaddockPlanner users, we expected that the functional takeover will be ready halfway 2019. Finally, PaddockPlanner.com will stay as a website and it will be possible to enable the PaddockPlanner functionality as a seperate module from within EquineM.


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