Partnership with Felix/Yuki

A collaboration is started with Felix, a renowed name in the Dutch Equestrian landscape with regards to accounting, administration and legal services.

Felix knows its way in the horse world. Whether you need legal, fiscal, administrative or financial advise, Felix has the expertise. And maybe the answer you are searching for can even be found in their yearly 'Paard & Fiscus' book, or on the information portal on their website.

Felix understands as no other that administration is in general not the horse people most loved activity. Therefore they introduce many of their clients to Yuki as an easy administration and accounting tool. EquineM can help to make the administration and invoice creation even easier, by providing a connection with Yuki. All information about the horses and their activities and expenses is stored in EquineM and EquineM can create an invoice for the horseowner with one click and send it straight to Yuki for further processing. Easy peasy!


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