EquineM ambassadors are your friends

In the past years we have grown EquineM to a point that every new user could benefit from a bit of extra help to personalize our software to their needs. There are many (often set-and-forget) settings, that make EquineM even smarter, or faster.

On the other hand, EquineM is in continous development. We like to hear feedback from our users, and based on that we can change things, or develop entirely new things. Because in the end, you, our customer, is what drives us.

Wouldn't it be great if you had a friend that you could ask things or who you could give your feedback about EquineM and that it magically became known to the rest of the EquineM team?

Your EquineM ambassador is this friend!

Recently we have set up an ambassadorship with some of our clients. They can explain you a lot about EquineM, but you also get an exclusive 'Ambassador-discount' when you order your EquineM subscription or EquiBoard through an ambassador. So stay tuned on who they are and how they can be reached!


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