Plan to perform

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On Friday the 15th of January the third year equine-students of VHL University Of Applied Sciences are organising a symposium at the Dutch equestrian centre (KNHS) in Ermelo. The symposium with the theme Plan To Perform is for everyone who is interested in the optimisation of performance, to become the best and stay the best. Different experts will speak about the planning of performance. Topics like sports psychology will be discussed, there will be spoken from a rider perspective, the role of the veterinarian will be explained and the part of the coach will be reviewed. During this symposium Rob Ehrens, Dr. Inga Wolframm and Dr. Jan Greve will give a talk. Dirk Willem Rosie editor in chief of the Dutch publishing company Eisma Horsesmedia will be the host of the symposium. Furthermore, there is a unique opportunity for companies, visitors, speakers and students to gather and get in contact with each other at the Business Café.


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