EquineM Base Everything included to get started

Starting at €2,50 per month

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  • Horse management
  • Drag and drop activities or bulk addition: We make it easy, but you choose how you like it
  • Add multiple people/employees with different functions (e.g. riders, grooms, vets, farriers) and keep the contact information in one central place
  • Manage permissions of different parts of the system easily
  • Upload documents and/or media of your horse
  • Free iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps
  • Frequent updates

Forage Feed schedule

€10 per month*

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In our feed module you can log and plan the nutriënts that your horses get. But you can also log it if your horse is in a veterinary treatment and needs medicine.

Attendance Personnel attendance

€15 per month*

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In the attendance module you can log who is present on which date and during which times. You can give people access to their schedule so they can access it via the website or easily print a monthly overview of total days attended.

Invoicing (Bèta) Invoicing made easy

€25 per month*

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Easily add recurring services to customers. Automatically find horses for each contact and make one monthly invoice based on multiple horses/ownership percentages. Track activities of the horses and automatically add invoiceable activities to the invoice.
  • Generate invoices with one click.
  • No fee per invoice.
  • Create final invoices from draft.
  • Keep track of transactions and keep a photo/scan of incoming invoices.
  • Quickly create contacts by reusing information about horse owners, students, etc.
  • Connect with a variety of accounting software packages
  • Export invoices as PDF or UBL (XML), to be imported in most accounting software
  • Two-way sync with:
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