New in EquineM

  • Horse photo
  • Split day into multiple sessions (am/pm, or 5 'heats', e.g.)
  • New in dashboard
  • Improvements in invoicing/costs overview
  • New payments option (direct debt)

A photo says more...

It might be truism, but a photo says more than a 1000 words. That's why you can now add a photo to your horse, like a profile picture. You can add the photo via the website or our brand new app. Check it out!

Split that day!

We got this question from multiple customers, and recently this feature has been added: Set the numbers of sessions per day once and then plan your activities per session. Set for example 2 sessions per day to plan am and pm seperately. That's how to plan like a pro!


The dashboard also got an update. You can now add your own columns for last done activities (for example different type of deworming/vaccination/treatments), for last planned activities and for certain information of the horse (expiry date of the FEI pass, e.g.).

It is also possible to update this information, or new activities, directly from the dashboard. Also the foaling date can now be set in the dashboard directly, and foaling of a mare can also be set without insemination (for example with Embryo transplantation). Handy, right?

Invoice here, invoice there

At EquineM we try hard to keep our costs low, so that we can offer you our software already from €2,50 per month for 'Horselovers' and from €42,50 per month for professionals (depending on the number of horses).

We wanted to give our customers a better insight in the costs per horse. Therefore we build a system to store the expenses per horse, next to the invoicing component. It is possible to easily upload photo's of expenses, so you can always quickly find back what the expense was for. These expenses will be shown automatically when creating a new invoice, so that you will never forget an expense when making the invoice!

Soon, it will also be possible to add the expenses via our app. This is a new development that's currently in Bèta, so we are very eager to hear your feedback!

Direct debt

Payment via creditcard was one way to pay our montly subscription fee, but recently also direct debt has been added as payment method. You just give our partner, GoCardLess, a mandate to charge the monthly costs from your bank account for us and the rest goes automatically. That makes it easy!

Other questions?

We can be reached in multiple ways to answer your questions. You can reach us per phone on +31(0)6 2352 1146, or per mail . Mail is the preferred contact channel, and on work days we normally answer your questions within 24 hours.

— Your EquineM team

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