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We hope you are enjoying your summer.

Our latest update is a big one, let us explain what's new in EquineM!

Connect with the equestrian world

You are never alone if you have horses. Therefore we have thought about a way to make EquineM valuable for all those who help you with your horses.

To do so we have give our permission system an upgrade, made it possible for people to be part of multiple stables, and added different new functions within EquineM.

For example, you might keep you horse owners involved by adding them to their horses as owner and give them permissions to watch only the show activities. They can download our App and quickly see when their horses are going on a show, which time, and which notes you have added (such as where the show is). Of course they don't see the horses which are not theirs! And even more, they can even subscribe for a calender via their EquineM account and get the shows directly into their iPhone or Android calender! To find out how, click the question mark at the top and connect with iPhone!

In an other situation you might want to give the farrier permission to watch from the app which horses are to be done. Of course you want him/her only to see the farrier activities. And you can also select which horses the farrier can see. Or maybe you don't want to do this, but have multiple farriers in your stable. Easily keep track of which farrier did which horse when with this new update.

The same might hold for the veterinarians, trainers (only lesson activitities and shows?), (truck)drivers, dentists and even customers (quickly share a video with someone, but not the private documents, like X-rays). 

The best of all this? All those extra connections to your stable and the accounts of the people involved are without additional charges and you are the one who controls what you share with who!

If you got questions about this new feature, please don't hesistate to ask us!

What's new on the EquiBoard

Some people didn't like the brightness of the EquiBoard at night because it was hanging in their stable next to their horses. Now go to stable settings and set the darkness of the lockscreen, you can even set it completely dark!

Also flies are a problem these days, so you can set the lockscreen to a much shorter interval (for example 0.25 for 15 seconds).

Finally we have updated the offline manager, which means that when your EquiBoard is offline you can continue using it and it sync automatically when it gets back online.

— Your EquineM team

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