Daily view getting into final shape

As you might have noticed, we have been going through many iterations to get the daily overviews just right.

  • In our latest update we have included the cog symbol to go directly to the settings of that activity.
  • Also we have further developed our print view for the daily and weekly schedules, so you can use less paper and get a better print.
  • We have added plus symbols to add other users/activity types that are not already on the daily overview, but which you might want to add (to). By default we only show the riders, and of course other people if activities are assigned to them.
  • Users with less permissions can now still change the order of the activities.
  • The text 'today' shows now correctly when it is today, not tomorrow or yesterday, for every timezone, even in California!


Update for breeding

Did you know that by inserting an insemination and checking it, the expected birth date of the foal comes directly into the dashboard?
And by adding the stallion, you can also easily find back which stallion covered the mare.

Now after you added the insemination, automatically the pregnancy check will be added after 18 days.

And after checking "in heat" of the mare, it will help you remind 21 days afterwards to check if the mare is in heat again.

Finally, after checking the insemination automatically the foaling activity is added to the mare. Just drag it around or delete and re-add it on the day the foal is really born. Then check it, and the next "in heat" of the mare (after 7 days) will be added automatically.

Rider vs. Grooms

You probably know that it is possible to add a rider to, for example, riding, and a groom to, for example, lunging. And it is possible to add both to, for example, a show. 

However, before last week, even if you entered someone into the groom field, it still got into the rider field. This was a small mistake on our side, but it enabled you to see the groom in our iPhone and Android app. The disadvantage was that you could only add one person to an activity, and that the change activity window did not show the filled in groom.

We have now fixed this issue, but that also means that you cannot see the groom in our apps anymore.

We will update our iPhone and Android apps the coming week, so that you can again view the groom and instructors in this new version of our App.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

PS: If you really want to see who does the lunging etc. in the app and can't wait one week you can assign 'rider' to the lunging activity. Just click lunging in the weekly overview and select rider at the bottom. Now a rider field will be added, use this one for adding a person to the activity untill our new app comes out!

Thank you for your feedback

The last update has come to shape with a lot of feedback from our customers, for which we are grateful.

You help us with improving our product, which is great. In return you get an even greater product, which is awesome!

Normally I don't mention names, but without the help of Pia, Miranda, Heleen, and Enrique this update would have defnitely been less packed with new features!

— Your EquineM team

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