Spring fever!

We got spring fever at EquineM because of all the beautiful foals born everywhere! 

This is why we now included 'in heat', 'foaling' and 'insemination' by default for all breeding mares!
Check it out by making a group with as type 'breeding mares' and adding your mares in this group.
Go to the weekly overview and add the inseminination.
Don't forget to add which stallion you've inseminated the mare with and then the expected birth day for next year and the stalliong will show up in the dashboard by the mare!

Daily overviews every day

You asked for daily overviews and we created them. But at first we didn't like them because they showed all the activity types you have in the legend, which made the daily overview huge.

Then we took out all the activity types with empty activities and it looked much cleaner! But it was a little bit too clean, according to your feedback.

So now we have given everyone the power to choose which activity types should always be shown on the daily overview. Just go there and you'll find out how to change the setting.

This is how we make stable management #easy.

— Your EquineM team

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