New features have arrived!

We have been hard at work to give you some handy new features before the easter bunny comes around.

  • Add warnings to your horses, they willl show in the weekly overview next to the horse with a exclamation mark that is tappable to see the specifics. (go to the profile of your horse and tap the yellow note to add a warning)
  • Add YouTube video's to your horse so you can play them on the EquiBoard in your stable to show them to future buyers, interested owners or just to your stable team for motivation! :) (go to the profile of your horse -> files of your horse -> search for the video's at the bottom)
  • Connect your horse with Horsetelex, so you can have all breeding information at your fingertips (if your horse is registrated on HorseTelex, that is). (go to the profile of your horse, click the buttone with the HorseTelex logo and connect right away)
  • We added a daily overview so it is easier to plan by day (who rides what) and to show the daily activities. 
  • We released a new version of the iPhone and Android Apps, that enables you to easily see, change or add the general stable notes that show on the right in the weekly overview.
  • It is now possible to add new persons to your stable as guest (so without login/credentials).

— Your EquineM team

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