With a few hours to go in 2016...

... it is a great time to look back to the highlights of this year.

First we would like to thank all customers for their trust and support.
Without you, our mission to help equestrian entrepreneurs and horse lovers all over the world with managing their trustworthy four-legged friends would not succeed.

And you sure have been busy, in total you have added over 250.000 activities to your horses on EquineM!

This year went past so fast, and development was so rapidly, that we could hardly keep up with communicating the new features to you in time.

However, we believe that only by continuously improving our software it becomes perfect for you; and your valuable feedback has provided us with the insight that we are on the right track.

39 minutes

This has been our total downtime in 2016. This means that our application was available to help you with managing your horses for 525 910 minutes last year. We are proud to have achieved such a high uptime of 99,99% (as measured by the independend uptimerobot.com), even though we upgraded our application on average 2 times a week with minor and/or major improvements.

2 new languages

In 2016 our application is fully translated in 2 new languages, namely Italian (thanks to Carola Brighenti) and Spanish (thanks to Susan Booijink). Translations for French and Chinese are on the way.

New functionalities

In 2016 a lot of new functionalities have been added to our application.

Just to mention some:

  • New daily overview
  • Improved dashboard with one click additions
  • Addition of new user types to your stable like horse owners, farriers, veterinarians, dentists, e.g. and giving them a limited set of permissions to log in to your digital stable.
  • Offline capabilities and syncing when back online for the EquiBoard
  • The possibility for a user to be part of multiple stables
  • Easier overview of the farrier and deworm status of your horse via our mobile application

Final note

New dreams, new hopes, new experiences and new joys: we wish you a very Happy New Year!

— Your EquineM team

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