Family trees all the way

Last months we have been hard at work to bring you some style improvements, as we believe a good style leads the way to easier and better comprehension!

  • A menu was added on the horse profile page to group related information
  • Shiny family trees for every horse
  • Even better looking mobile website, which makes it easier to access the more advanced features that are not available in our app
  • Inserting dates now looks better and works easier


Did you know?

Certain default activities have automated workflows behind the scenes.

For example if you check a vaccination, automatically a vaccination and a reminder are added for the coming vaccination half a year or a year later (depending on the vaccination rules attached to that horse).

Similar types of automated workflows are attached to farrier activities and dentist activities. And for breeding mares to in heat and insemination.


Guest to full account

Within EquineM you can add guests to your stable for quite some time.


This is useful when you want to add persons to certain activities, but do not have their emailaddress at hand.

For example:

An trainee comes for 1 month and she can also lunge horses. Then it makes sense to add activities to the trainee, so she can see what is planned for her on the EquiBoard. On the EquiBoard you can login as another user with limited permissions, so that the trainee can view her activities there and check them, but cannot change things.

Since our latest update it is very simple to upgrade an existing guest account later to a full account (for example if you found out the emailaddress). All connected activities (planned and done) stay with the account, so that no information gets lost!


— Your EquineM team

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