Plan like never before

With EquineM you can easily plan the activities for all your horses for the long term. Activities can be assigned to your people and also ordered. This creates a great overview for everyone working at the stable. EquineM helps by automating parts of the planning process to make it very efficient. Now you can also plan the availability of your personnel with EquineM!

best horse management app
best horse management app

There is no better view than overview

Get all weekly activities of your stable in one overview. If you want more detail go to the monthly view of your horse. This can also be a help when creating or checking invoices for example. For stables, large and small, it might at times be helpful to have a complete overview of all activities, planned or done. We've got you covered and made the overview easily sortable and filterable.

All you need for every day

The daily overview shows the work schedule of that day. People at the stable can quickly see which activities/horses they account for that specific day.

best horse management app

Always connected,
no matter where you are

Use EquineM from your EquiBoard, phone, tablet, laptop, Mac or pc so your stable is always within reach, wherever you are in the world.*

Important reminders,
help you not to forget

The automatic reminders make it very difficult to forget vaccinations, dewormings or farrier treatments for you or your staff. EquineM automatically shows the reminders two weeks before the activity is planned on the EquiBoard and you can get the reminders on your smartphone. Also you can add warnings to horses, such as allergen information or special care, which will also show on the EquiBoard so that it is always within sight.


All the info
just a few clicks away

Sla belangrijke documenten op bij je paard, alleen toegankelijk voor diegenen die u toegang geeft. Laat bijvoorbeeld uw dierenarts röntgenfoto's en keuringsrapporten rechtstreeks uploaden naar EquineM. Maar ook foto's van stamboekpapieren, paspoorten, cogginstesten en exportcertificaten kunt u in EquineM kwijt, zodat u ze onderweg altijd digitaal bij de hand heeft! EquineM bewaart uw gegevens in de cloud waarvan dagelijks een back-up wordt gemaakt. Hierdoor blijven uw gegevens veilig opgeslagen. De nieuwste veiligheidsprotocollen zorgen ervoor dat iemand anders niet bij uw gegevens kan.

Manage your team & professionals

Create or link as many persons to your stable by creating extra accounts. Without additional costs! For example you might want to add some grooms, riders, vets, farriers, customers, dentists, trainers or even horse owners to your stable to plan or store who did certain activities.


Give complete transparency to your clients

With EquineM can also give accounts permissions to access (view, add, edit or even delete, that's up to you) different parts of your digital stable. That way owners can live view what activities are planned or done with (of course only their) horses, via our EquineM app. And vets can login to add those X-rays directly to your horses, and/or view the last veterinary activity of themselves (of course not of other vets if you don't want that). Farriers can view the last and planned farrier treatments at your stable, even on their Android or Iphone Calendar, etc, etc.

This of course requests a very clear permission management system, which we have made very convenient and easy-to-use in your contacts dashboard.

Manage groups and tasks

For big stables it is easy to lose the overview. EquineM has got you covered with 'horse departments'. It is, for example, possible to add a group of horses to a rider, so that this rider only sees his horses on the weekly and daily overviews.


Seamlessly integrate other data sources youtube horsetelex

EquineM can communicate with HorseTelex and YouTube. This means that you have all the breeding information available with one click. And that you can easily add YouTube videos to your horses for watching online or on the EquiBoard.

* Internet connection required
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